Following Healing Call Of Nature

Tanja Kraljic Strgacic
Ayurvedic Health Practitioner
Ayurvedic Body Therapist

How Ayurveda Can Treat?


According to Ayurveda, health is achieved by restoring our natural state of balance. When we live our life in a state of balance, our energetic shape is strong and stable, and here is no passage for disease. When we live life stronger, faster, stressfulness and out of balance, our energetic shell becomes fragile and disease can occur.

Ayurvedic treatment aims at balancing the doshas to neutralize the disease proces. Opposite of western medicine, which treats manifestations of disease, Ayurveda assess directly to the root cause of all disease.

How will Ayurveda help my condition?

By creating balance in your body and harmony in your mind, Ayurveda will help create an optimum environment for healing to take place. When the body is out of balance or harmony, it communicates this imbalance by creating simptoms. When balance and harmony are restored, symptoms disappear. This is how the body heals itself. *

Ayurveda offers many tools to support body and mind on its way back to the balance::

* Herbal formulas
* Nutrition / Dietary plan
* Lifestyle help
* Body therapies (Abhyanga Massage...)
* Pancha Karma
* Meditation
* Yoga
* Breathing practices
* Aromatherapy
* Color Therapy
* Sound Therapy

A daily self-care routine is a healthy invest of ones time. The return on your invest is physical and mental wellness; creative expression and purposefulness.


What do we value at Light Of Ayurveda?

Health • Happiness • Longevity • Ecology • Knowledge • Personal & Spiritual Development • Peace • Love


* @ California College of Ayurveda