Following Healing Call Of Nature

Tanja Kraljic Strgacic
Ayurvedic Health Practitioner
Ayurvedic Body Therapist


Elements:: Air + Ether
Qualities:: Light, cool, dry + mobile

Body shape:: Thin, tall and short
Weight:: Hard to gain, easy to lose
Height: Short or tall
Skin:: Prone to dryness
Hair:: As a child, hair kinky, curly, dry
Bones:: Long bones
Fingers&Hands:: Long and cold, prone to dryness and cold
Nails:: Can be weak
Eyes:: Small, dark, active eyes
Nose:: Thin, bony
Teeth:: Crooked, sensitive to heat and cold
Neck:: Small, unsteady
Mouth:: Small, thin lips
Tongue:: Small, dry or/and pale with a grayish coating
Appetite:: Variable
Digestion:: Poor, weak digestive fire
Stool:: Dry, hard, prone to constipation
Urine:: Light, frequent urination
Menstruation:: Iregular cicles, scanty blood flow, severe painfull cramps
Sleep:: Light, prone to insomnia
Dreams:: About flying, jumping, running and fear
Sexual Activity:: Variable sexual desire, fantasy life active
Pulse:: Fast, Irregular, like a snake

Restless. Active. Creative. Curious.
Memory:: Concentration is short, forgets quickly
Organizing:: Dislikes routine
Decision making:: Changes mind easily, difficulty decision making
Friends:: Many friends, few closed
Money:: Spends impulsively, money is to be used

Experiences fear.
Can be self destructive.
Becomes insecure, overwhelmed, fearful and anxious under stress.
Vata can be light of heart and have their head in clouds.
Anxious. Sneaky. Nervous.
Dynamic. Communicative. Flexibile.

Positive:: Creative, inspired, enthusiastic, energetic, fun, light hearted
Neutral:: Fast, sensitive
Challenging:: Fear, indecisive, scattered, flighty, unpredictable, spacey, moody, superficial, nervous

Prone to constipation and chronic immune challenges. Weakness in the nervous and circulatory systems

Vata loves daily oleation inside and outside the body. Nourishing, warming routine is helpful.

Take fear off!