Following Healing Call Of Nature

Tanja Kraljic Strgacic
Ayurvedic Health Practitioner
Ayurvedic Body Therapist


Elements:: Fire + Water
Qualities:: Hot, light, oily and unstable

Body shape: Moderate, medium frame
Weight: Average. Easy to gain, easy to lose
Height: Medium
Skin: Oily skin. Prone to acne and rashes, moles and frecles are common, sunburns easily
Hair: Fine. Prone to premature hair loss and early grey
Bones: Medium
Fingers&Hands: Medium size, often hot and sweaty
Nails: Soft and well formed, often pink
Eyes: Medium size, light green, gray, amber or blue. Piercing eyes
Nose: Thin and pointed
Teeth: Medium
Mouth: Deep, red lips
Tongue: Medium size, red and/or moist
Appetite: Strong, becomes irritable when skipping a meal
Digestion: Strong
Stool: Regular. Soft, loose burning and light color
Urine: Bright yellow
Menstruation: Regular
Sleep: Light, but not easily disturbed
Dreams: In color, fast, passion, conflicts
Sexual Activity: Highly sexed, arouses easily
Pulse: Moderate, like a frog or sparrow

Memory: Good. Logical, rational thoughts.
Organizing: Good planner, very well organized and able to make things happen
Decision making:: Rapid
Friends: Very selective, creates warm friendships
Money: Plans spending, money is for achieving purpose

Experience hate. Can be vindictive.
Can be destructive, sharp, angry, manipulative, irritable, jelaousy, cynical...
When balanced, pitta is tolerant, caring, perceptive, courageous, funny, joyfull

Positive: Courageous, brave, focused, perceptive
Neutral: Logical, serious, organized
Challenging: Angry, jealous, critical, envious, sharp, judgemental

Prone to loose stools, weakness in the liver and skin rashes, disorders of the stomach and small intestine, heartburn

Cooling, calming activities (cool, heavy and stable qualities)

Non - judgment!