Following Healing Call Of Nature

Tanja Kraljic Strgacic
Ayurvedic Health Practitioner
Ayurvedic Body Therapist



Elements:: Earth + Water
Qualities:: Heavy, cool, moist and stable

Body shape: Heavy bones, strong and well musculature
Weight: Heavy. Easy to gain, hard to lose
Height: Shorter or taller than average
Skin: Oily, smooth
Hair: Thick, cool, often curly and dark
Fingers&Hands: Short and squarish
Nails: Strong
Eyes: Large, sometimes blue, often chocolate brown eyes
Nose: Large and tick
Neck: Large, steady neck
Mouth: Wide full lips
Tongue: Large in size, pale in colour with a white coating
Appetite: Moderate, can easily miss a meal
Digestion: Slow, digestive fire is often weak
Stool: Regular, well formed, often with moucosy and oily coat
Urine: Dark yelow color, often with mucosy
Menstruation: Regular. Mild cramps, average bleeding, 3-5 days
Sleep: Deep. Love to sleep, difficulty to waking up
Dreams: Often romantic, involve water
Sexual Activity: Steady desire for sex
Pulse: Smooth, move like a swan

Memory: takes time to learn things, onece learned, never forgets
Organizing: Work well with routine
Decision making: Takes time making decisions, sticks with it
Prefer to follow a plan or idea
Friends: Loyal, with many friends
Money: Likes to save

Experiences apathy. Can be uncaring. Attached. Greedy.
Harmonius. Devoted. Patient.
Avoids giving opinion in difficult situations.

Positive: Sweet, loving, calm, compassionate, nurturing, affectionate, gentle
Neutral: Slow, steady, stoic, conservative, obedient
Challenging: Stubborn, attached, controlling, rigid, complacent, uninspired

Prone to mucous, water retention, obesity, diabetes and yeast conditions

Drying, stimulating foods & activities (warm, light, dry & mobile qualities)

Non attachment!