Following Healing Call Of Nature

Tanja Kraljic Strgacic
Ayurvedic Health Practitioner
Ayurvedic Body Therapist


How will Ayurveda help my condition?

By creating balance in your body and harmony in your mind, Ayurveda will help create an optimum environment for healing to take place. When the body is out of balance or harmony, it communicates this imbalance by creating symptoms. When balance and harmony are restored, symptoms disappear. This is how the body heals itself.


What do these herbs do?

I will be preparing some herbs for you to take. These herbs will help your body to be as balanced as it possibly can be from an Ayurvedic perspective. A balanced body has best chance of healing itself. The role of the herbs is to provide support to your body and mind as you make the changes in your life necessary to bring about healing. The herbs I will prepare will make it easier to make those changes and help you to feel better as you go through your process.


How long will I have to take the herbs?

The herbs provide support until you make the necessary changes in your life to create harmony and health. You will probably be taking some herbs to support your process until those changes are complete.


How long will it take for me to get well?

Most programs last 6-12 months. This is how long it takes to successfully implement the Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations. Most people however begin to feel better in a much shorter period of time, often, just a couple of weeks to a month. However, everyone is different. How long it will take you depends on how well you follow my directions.


Do I have to come every week or two? Can't I see you once each month or only when I feel bad?

My goal in working with you is to help you sucessfully implement Ayurveda into your life. In order to do this, we have found that regular, frequent visits are required. As you become more successful, however, you may be able to come less often.


About consultations...

We will be discussing many aspects of who you are and your well being. I will be asking you many questions about all aspects of who you are.
Together, we will paint a picture of who you are physically, emotionally and spiritually. From that picture, I will identify your constitution as well as the nature of any imbalances. Then, I will be able to develop a plan to help you get back into balance.